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Europaskolan was founded as a ” free school ” in 1994

The school nowadays consists of a senior 6th form college in Strängnäs  (running 3 year courses following Swedish year 9), and 2 secondary schools (from the ages of 9 to 15) situated in Strängnäs and Malmköping. It is owned by the independent Europaskolan Foundation which is a non profit-making, non-political and non-religious body.

The Europaskolan Foundation was formed in 1993

Following this, Europaskolan Sixth Form College was started up the following year.

The original idea came from Jan Peterson who also  became the first principal.

The aim was to create a college geared towards European understanding and  open to everyone, where serious and ambitious pupils  throughout Sweden would be educated and prepared for higher education, becoming competent and active members of society and responsible citizens.

As a basis for the organisation lie European and academic teaching methods and ideals linked with practical educational visits around the world to Europe and the USA.

In addition, in 2008 and 2015 respectively, 2 additional schools were put into operation along the same lines – Europaskolan Rogge in Strängnäs and Europaskolan Malmköping, near Nyköping in Malmköping.